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Unique Ways To Use Mason Jars In Your Home Decor

by Zack Gilbert

Country and rustic décor themes have become increasingly popular with homeowners. One of the cutest and most versatile items that you can incorporate into this kind of home décor is glass mason jar sets. Many people fail to realize the potential of these jars. Here are a few different ways that you can use mason jars around your home to enhance your home's rustic country décor.

Light Bulb Enclosures

If you have hanging lights in your home, you can cover those bulbs with mason jars to create a unique and adorable light fixture. Measure the diameter of the light fixture, cut a hole in the mason jar lid to fit that fixture, and then place the lid over the fixture end. Screw in the light bulb, then place the jar over the bulb and secure it to the jar lid. The glass will help to diffuse the light without dimming it the way that some light covers can.

Flower Vases

Whether you use them as-is or you add a colorful paint finish to the jars, mason jars make great vases for fresh or dried flower arrangements. You can even add a color-coordinating ribbon that matches the flowers to help create a finished, more polished look. You can place the flowers on your table, kitchen counter, or even your fireplace mantle to incorporate the mason jar look anywhere in your home.

Soap Dispensers

Both the kitchen and the bathroom lend themselves well to country-style décor. Mason jar décor is a great addition to this, especially when you can use the jars for necessities such as soap dispensers. Simply cut a small hole in the jar lid to securely fit the dispenser pump, then fill the jar with your favorite liquid soap. Secure the lid in place and you'll have an attractive soap dispenser that makes it easy to see just how much is left and is simple to refill.


Mason jars make the perfect vessel for candles. Whether you're making your own and pouring the wax into the jars yourself or you just want to use your jars to hold ready-made candles that you've purchased, these glass jars are ideal. If you want to place votives or similar candles into mason jars, add a layer of sand or similar material to help anchor the candle before you put it in place.

Alternatively, you can make your own candles by pouring melted wax into the jars yourself. Just invest in some candle wicking, place a wick in the center, and pour your wax around it to create your own personalized candles in virtually any color or scent you like.