Your Family Never Has to "Outgrow" A Home You Love

Eight Tools Everyone Needs For Their First Place

by Zack Gilbert

if you are a young adult, officially on your own and in your own place, then it is time to start building up the tools that will aid you throughout life — literal tools. Every living space needs a proper toolkit for those little jobs like hanging a picture or putting together furniture, as well as for more detailed jobs like shutting a stuck water valve while waiting for a maintenance tech to arrive.

1. Hammer

You don't want just any hammer, but a claw hammer. These are likely the hammer you are used to, with the striking surface on one end and the claw to remove nails on the other. Choose a hammer with good heft but that isn't too heavy to swing easily.

2. Screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers in various sizes with both flat and Phillip's heads are a must. You can opt for a set of separate screwdrivers or a single screwdriver with interchangeable tips.  It's also useful to have a set of small screwdrivers for use with electronics. Electronics sets include the standard flat and Phillip's, along with the different stars and other shapes often used on the small screws.

3. Pliers

When it comes to pliers, there are many choices. Needle nose pliers are a must in every home tool kit, as they can get a grip in tricky spots. Needle nose pliers are great for pulling nails out when the claw hammer fails. Opt for a set with built-in wire cutters so you can have one tool for two jobs.

4. Level

Levels come in handy quite a bit around the home, such as when hanging pictures or artwork. You can get an old-fashioned spirit level with the liquid bubble inside, or you can upgrade to a digital level that works automatically when put in place.

5. Tape Measure

Much like a level, a tape measure is a handy tool to keep around. It also comes in an analog version, which is the long tape you are used to, as well as digital versions that measure distance instantly.

6. Drill

A small drill makes short work when you need to do small jobs like put in cabinet hooks or fix a hole in your built-it-yourself furniture. Cordless is best for most household uses.

7. Allen Wrenches

Most built-it-yourself furniture kits depend upon Allen wrenches as the tool of choice for assembly. Although the kits usually come with a single-size wrench, having your own on hand is a better option.

8. Putty Knife

One of the most important tools, especially if you are renting, is the putty knife. Use it to fill in those little nail holes so that you can repaint and get your deposit back once it is time to move.  

A local hardware store is a great place to pick up all these basic tools, and anything else you might need.