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The Essential Elements Of Western Home Decor

by Zack Gilbert

If you like the relaxed yet rugged look when it comes to your home's interior design, consider decorating in a classic western style. By bringing in natural elements, you can easily achieve a room that will be comfortable yet elegant. Here are six defining components that will help you get the look you want.

Cowhide Rugs

Natural cowhides come in an assortment of shades of black, brown, and russet depending on the breed, each with its own unique design and appeal. Sheepskin is another popular option. Whether you employ a cowhide as a rug, as upholstery on a small occasional chair and ottoman, or for toss pillows on your couch, these animal prints will add authenticity and texture to your room.


Another natural material typically provided by cowhide, leather is durable and endearing. A leather couch in a natural brown that is allowed to age gracefully into a soft patina will eventually be as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Leather has the uncanny ability to look both sophisticated and unpretentious at the same time.


Whether it is your monster 10-pt. buck mount hanging on the wall or a massive chandelier fashioned from several racks, antlers are a quintessential part of any western home décor. Deer, moose, and elk all shed their antlers naturally every winter, and shed hunters then use these to construct all sorts of things, from knife handles to candlestick holders and more. Because of their popularity, many home décor companies now manufacture reproduction antlers to use in their home décor pieces.


Common as a trim on upholstered furniture, clavos are essentially decorative nail heads. They are usually forged from iron or bronze. They often have a rustic hammered head appearance. In addition to their use on upholstered leather furniture, clavos may also be used as ornamentation around door and window frames, stair newel posts, and anywhere a little bit of classic western décor is wanted.

Native American Textiles

The vibrant colors common to Native American textiles is a good way to add splashes of color to an otherwise natural color palette. Blankets, rugs, throw pillows, and table linens are all great areas to add bold hues to a neutral room. Shades of turquoise, red, and gold are common.

Western Art

Whether it's a forged iron coffee table, a painting of a horse, or your favorite landscape photography in shades of sienna or black and white, you can add western artwork and handcrafted items as the finishing touches to your room, tying everything all together. 

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