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Planning To Install Drip Irrigation? Ensure You've Taken These Into Consideration

by Zack Gilbert

Drip irrigation is a fantastic way to water plants with a minimum of waste. This style of irrigation reduces water loss through evaporation and poor aim by delivering it right to the base of the plant. Installing drip irrigation lines isn't that hard at all; the basic procedure is systematic and straightforward. However, you do have to adjust the drip irrigation to fit some parameters that can change depending on what your yard is like.

Soil Type

The easier it is for water to spread through the type of soil you have, the fewer emitters you'll need along the length of the tubing. You still need emitters by each plant, of course, but if you have a long plant, like a hedge, where you'd put tubing with evenly spaced emitters, you can have fewer of those along the base of the hedge. If your soil is rather clayey instead, in which water doesn't spread as easily, you'll need more emitters.

Plant and Bed Layout

The tubing for a drip irrigation system can become a trip hazard if it's in areas where people might walk. As you plan your irrigation layout, look for ways to run the tubing behind plants and away from main pathways. Also secure the tubing with small brackets so that it doesn't poke up above the surface of the soil.

Mowing Mess

If you have plant beds that are surrounded by lawn, you have two choices. One is to leave those beds out of the drip irrigation system, or you can run tubing across the lawn, but you'll have to be careful to mow around it and not over it. Again, secure the tubing to the soil so that it runs along the surface and doesn't poke up.

Annual Changes

Annual plants can benefit from drip irrigation, too, but the work involved in digging up dead annuals and planting new ones can upend your tubing layout. Be sure there's enough clearance between the plant's rootball/base and the tubing so that you don't rip the tubing out of the ground and ruin the watering system for plants further down in the bed. When it comes time to change an annual plant, try to nudge the tubing out of the way a bit first.

Get a landscaper to help you plot out where the tubing will go for best use. Once you get that drip irrigation going,  such as from  Hydrotech Irrigation Co, you'll find that your yard becomes a lot easier to take care of.