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Enhancing Your View Through Proper Care - Tips For Residential Glass Maintenance

by Zack Gilbert

Your home's windows are your gateway to the world, so if they end up sustaining damage, you might quickly find yourself frustrated by the obstructed view. Though you may not realize it, there are things you may be doing on a regular basis that risk damage to your home's windows. Correcting those behaviors is an important step to take.

Below, you'll find a guide to some ways you can act to maintain your home's windows and other glass surfaces. Following these suggestions can leave you with a clean and clear view of the world that guarantees you'll never again be left wishing for less obstruction.

Specialized Cleaning Cloths

If you're regularly cleaning your windows, you may be surprised to discover that you're doing more harm than good. Many people attempt glass cleaning by using old rags, without realizing that these could in fact be abrasive scraps of cloth which are causing microscopic damage.

Over time, this small scale damage can compound until it causes the development of deep gouges or other deformations in the surface of your glass. Rather than relying on old towels and worn out t-shirts, make a point to purchase microfiber cloths which are specially designed for glass cleaning. These tools will guarantee a gentler process and a lesser damage risk, extending the life and beauty of your glass. 

Temperature Control

One of the biggest threats to the structural integrity of a piece of glass is wide variations in the ambient temperature surrounding it. If your glass is constantly heated and then cooled, it can become brittle and be far more likely to develop cracks without any external trauma.

Maintaining a consistent temperature inside your home and allowing for gradual changes will guarantee that your glass can adjust and therefore avoid temperature damage. This also means taking into consideration external shade measures, as the heat from sunlight can also be a contributing factor to any thermal damage.


Your home's surroundings can play a big role in keeping your glass protected. If you have tree branches, falling seeds or fruit, or other dangers which are constantly coming into contact with your windows, you may be particularly vulnerable to damage in the event of a storm or even standard daily wind. While regular landscaping and tree trimming may seem like an unrelated task, it actually plays a huge role in making sure your windows receive the protection that they need.

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