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Four Locations On A Wall Where Wallpaper Borders Look Good

by Zack Gilbert

If you want to dress up the appearance of your kitchen, wallpaper borders are a good option. They apply quickly and easily. There are also four locations where wallpaper borders look their best:

Instead of Crown Molding

Some people like gloriously elaborate crown molding. In this case, you can skip crown molding and use a wallpaper border instead. It adds a lot more color to an otherwise bland and boring part of the wall. You will need a ladder and a steady hand to apply it evenly to the top of every wall in your kitchen. If you do not think you can apply a border to the tops of your walls, hire an expert wallpaper hanger to do the job.

Cutting Through the Middle

Putting a border in the middle of each wall may seem strange, but it actually looks visually pleasing. It breaks up the wall space and designates the upper space for wall decorations and the lower half for "kitchen business." If you put the border just above wainscoting, it looks even more decorative than the wainscoting alone.

Along the Baseboards

If the baseboards in your kitchen are very thin and low to the floor it makes your kitchen look unfinished. You could buy several long wooden strips of baseboard material, finish them yourself, and then nail them to the bottom of the walls. However, a pretty wall border along the bottom is equally as functional. If you put three borders on the walls along the top, middle, and bottom of each wall, then you can also divide the wall up into two sections that you can paint different colors. There are lots of ways to make this look very natural to your kitchen.

As a Backsplash

You can also use the wall border as a backsplash behind your sink. Pick a really tall border if there is a high wall behind your sink. Pink a standard size roll of wallpaper border when there is a very short wall behind the sink. This also breaks up the wall space if the wall behind the sink is especially long (e.g., twelve feet or more) and is very uninteresting to look at.

If you decide to use wallpaper borders as a backsplash material, you will need extra help. The bottom of the border has to be plumb with the top edge of the counter behind the sink. If it is not, it will look very crooked, and then you will have to peel and scrape it off to redo it.

Contact a company that works with kitchen wallpaper border material for more information.