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Modern Furniture Ideas For A Living Room Makeover

by Zack Gilbert

When it's time to give your living room a new look, contemporary furniture can give it a modern edge that makes the space feel like new. If you are thinking about redoing your living room, here are some furniture suggestions to consider as you head to your local furniture store.

Low-Profile Sofa Sectionals

Sofa sectionals are a great option for large rooms, and modern, low-profile designs offer a unique look in your seating area. Choose from designs with low seat backs and arms, or opt for platform-style sectionals that add height to the room. For a truly luxurious feel, opt for a sofa with oversized seats so you have plenty of room to stretch and relax as you watch your favorite television shows and movies.

Wall-Mounted Entertainment Centers

With the advent of wall-mounted televisions, traditional entertainment centers don't offer the same functionality as they used to. If your television is mounted to the wall, consider a wall-mounted entertainment system to match it. These entertainment centers still feature room for DVDs, DVD players, and gaming consoles, but the wall-mounted design creates the illusion of floating on your wall for a modern look. Choose an elongated design that is wider than your television to create a stunning focal point in the room.

Faux Fur Area Rugs

Get rid of your old patterned area rug and replace it with a plush faux fur rug. This floor covering adds a textured look to the room while also adding a soft, luxurious feeling to the floors. Opt for a crisp white color to contrast with black or dark furnishings, or go for a bright, bold color to create a focal point in the room. You can also pair a large faux fur area rug with faux fur throw pillows to give the living area a cohesive look.

Contemporary Electric Fireplaces

If your living room doesn't have a real fireplace, consider the addition of a contemporary electric design. These fireplaces come in a range of designs to match your other modern decor, and they offer the look of real flames to give your living room a cozy appearance during the winter. Because they also offer heating capabilities, electric fireplaces offer a versatile addition to your living room. Consider a rectangular black design for use in the center of an open-concept living area, or choose a sleek, low-profile model to sit flush against the wall. You can even find wall-mounted entertainment centers with built-in electric fireplaces for an all-in-one solution in your modern living room.

Decide on a color palette before heading to your local furniture store, and look at all of the available contemporary furniture designs to find the perfect look for your home.

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