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Tips to Help You Make Decisions When Retiling a Bathroom

by Zack Gilbert

When you're working to plan your bathroom tile remodeling, there are several things that you must consider to be sure that you end up with the finished bathroom that meets all of your needs. Here, you'll find a few bits of information that can help you make the best choices when it comes to your bathroom renovation.

What didn't you like about the old bathroom?

Before you go out and start making all kinds of plans for the new bathroom, stop and think about what you were unhappy with in the old bathroom. Was it darker than you'd like? Were the tiles too slippery? Did the grout cause you grief? Was it too chilly?

Once you figure out what you disliked the most about the old bathroom, you'll know where to focus some of the changes and what materials to avoid using this time around.

Upgrade the Grout

One product that wasn't on the market years ago when the old bathroom was probably installed is epoxy grout.

Epoxy grout is a material mixture created by blending epoxy resins with filler powder. When combined, these materials create a grout that that is far superior to traditional grout.

Epoxy grout isn't porous like traditional grout. Instead of absorbing all of the moisture, it repels it. This leads to less staining and discoloration and makes cleaning the grout much easier. Mold and mildew growth in the grout will no longer be an issue. When you do need to clean the grout, you won't need those nasty chemicals to kill the mold and mildew—you'll just need a bit of white vinegar and water to clean the tiles and the grout without leaving any stains behind.

This type of bathroom tile remodeling is best left to the professionals. You do have to work very quickly to ensure that it is in place and has filled all of the gaps before it begins to cure.

You're going to have to live with the tile that you choose for quite some time, so take your time to find the tile that you like, that fits into the space, and that will meet your personal needs. Discuss what you're looking for with a tile professional, and they will work with you to find the exact product that will meet your needs while finishing your bathroom in a way that you enjoy using it. Don't try making this decision without some good input—it's a project that is not easily redone.