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Roman Shades: Tips For Using Them To Enhance Any Room Of Your Home

by Zack Gilbert

If you are looking for window treatments that are versatile and practical, look no further than roman shades. Whether you need a pop of color or want to tone down a room that's too bold, roman shades are up to the challenge. And don't worry if you can't find a color or pattern you like in ready-made shades, you can select your own fabric and have them custom designed.

Roman shades in the kitchen

If you enjoy the farmhouse decorating style but want something to soften the white color scheme, use burlap shades for the windows. The burlap will blend in perfect with the farmhouse style and add just the right touch of softness. You can also choose white or beige muslin fabric for the shades and add your own country stencils around the bottom with fabric stamps.

In a modern or neutral kitchen, use roman shades to add a hint of color without distracting from the clean lines of the modern theme. For instance, if your cabinets are gray, using a gold color for shades will provide a noticeable but subtle pop of color.

Roman shades in the playroom

For a gender friendly playroom, consider using black roman shades with white walls to create a dramatic and fun effect. This unexpected color scheme in a playroom is sure to garner attention. It will also grow with your child through the years and will give you endless decorating options.

Roman shades in the bedroom

Roman shades in the bedroom provide beauty and privacy. If it's romance you're looking for, consider using roman shades with a touch of lace or in a floral design. If you prefer a more rustic or earthy look, look for medium to dark greens and browns or choose fabric with a leaf design. 

Roman shades in the living room

In a smaller living room, solid roman shades in a neutral color will help to open the room and make it appear larger. If your living room is large, you can add a coziness factor by selecting roman shades in a bold, geometric, or other fun design. For a beachy or nautical look, navy and white stripped shades will pack a punch of color and bring even the most dimly lit room some brightness.

What's not to love about roman shades? With their versatility and practicality, they work well in any room of the house. They may just be your best friend when it comes to window treatment design. Contact a window treatment design service for more help.