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Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Holiday Season

by Zack Gilbert

The holiday season is the time to set up a Christmas tree and maybe get a nice fire going in the fireplace. But these holiday activities could also leave your house open to a pest invasion if you're not careful. Here are some tips to help keep your home pest-free well into the New Year.

Inspect That Tree Closely Before You Bring It In

If you love bringing a live tree into your home every year for Christmas, make sure there is nothing else living inside of it before you bring it in. Anything living on the exterior should be easy enough to spot, but also be sure to inspect closer to the trunk for any holes or openings. If some critters or pests have burrowed their way inside, it's time to get a different tree or at least take the time to eradicate the problem before you bring the tree indoors.

Inspect Your Firewood

Burning some real wood to create a nice and toasty fire on Christmas Eve is a great way to enjoy the holidays. But just like the tree, your woodpile can be an inviting place for insects and critters of all types. Sure, the poor little things will probably roast alive if you set the wood on fire fast enough, but if there is an opportunity to escape, you are going to stand there in horror while spiders, insects or termites escape from the wood you just put in the fireplace and go climbing up your walls. Give each piece of wood a bit of a shake before you bring it indoors and look for any tell-tale signs of trouble like a hole that's been burrowed into the wood.

Careful with the Decorations

Once the Christmas tree is up, it's time to decorate it. It can be fun to be creative this time of year, but one thing you might not want to put on your tree is any kind of edible food. Those gingerbread cookie ornaments look fun if not yummy, but chances are good that any edible decorations will also be quite appetizing to mice and other critters that might find a way into the home. Once one pest finds a food source, they usually put the word out to their friends, and then you are dealing with a major issue.

Be smart about putting up Christmas decorations this holiday season and contact a company that offers pest control services if you run into any issues