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Incorporating Light Switch Plates And Electrical Outlet Covers Into Your Room Design

by Zack Gilbert

Light switches and outlets are boring, right? They serve a purpose, and we must have them in our homes, but they do not have to be boring. In fact, there are many different covers and plates you can find out there that are unique and can become part of your room design. 

Wooden Cover Plates

If you are looking for outlet covers or switch plates that will accent the style of a home, there are many period-specific designs that you can use to bring the look or feel of a time-period to your home. A room that is decorated and styled after the craftsman style of home, for instance, may have a fancy wooden switch plate that matched the trim or the woodwork in the room. 

Wooden switch and outlet plates are readily available in many styles and many different kinds of wood. Large home centers often carry a large selection of different covers for you to choose from, including covers that do not have a finish on them, so that you can select the style you want and then finish it with a stain to match the stain you are using in your home. 

If you can't find the covers you need in the store, you may want to look online. Some companies will make custom covers for you, and some of them offer far more designs already in stock than the big home centers. 

Metal Cover Plates

Often you can find ornate metal cover plates that are cast from aluminum or brass for your room. These covers can sometimes be painted to look very old or may have a specific gothic style to them. Like the wooden covers, there are so many designs that you should easily be able to find the cover you need.

Metal covers are a little more expensive than the standard plastic covers that are in most homes, but they also have a lot more character and add more to the decor of your room. 

Painted Switch Covers

One cool thing you can do to incorporate your design into the switch outlet covers is to find covers that are painted to match the color of the room or paint them to blend into a mural if you are using one on the wall. If you are using a large wall covering, sometimes they will come with skins to apply to the outlet cover and light switch as well.