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Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Backyard Space With The Right Canopy

by Zack Gilbert

Your outdoor space is a great way to soak up some vitamin D and also enjoy the fresh air on a regular basis. However, the sun and rain may limit your ability to enjoy the nature you have in your own backyard, but with a canopy covering you can improve its use and your ability to enjoy it. Here are some tips to make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable during the weather conditions of summer.

Add a Backyard Canopy Covering

One of the reasons you enjoy sitting outside is because of the beautiful weather, including the sunshine. Unfortunately, when the sun's rays become too hot and directly impact your comfort, it can be detrimental to your outdoor enjoyment and, ultimately, your health. When you can add shade to an outdoor area, such as your patio, you can still enjoy the outdoor air and scenery with some sunshine, but keep your body cool and comfortable with a decrease in the temperature.

A great way to do this is with an outdoor canopy that you can install in your yard. You should first look at the structure that holds up your canopy. You can opt for a traditional awning canopy attached to your home or a pergola frame that supports the canopy independent of your home. This second option allows you the versatility of erecting the canopy in the middle of your yard, for example. Or you can use a sun sail canopy shade, which you can attach to its own pole support or frame.

Choose an Outdoor-Friendly Material

Next, look at the material of your canopy, as there are a few options. There are canopies made of canvas, vinyl, or acrylic-coated polyester. Be careful that the material you select is water resistant or waterproof so it will keep moisture off your outdoor space.

Then, look for a canopy with mold and mildew protection so if it does get wet, it is not going to become damaged. Also, look for a canopy that is UV-resistant so it does not fade or degrade in the sunshine. Another benefit with your canopy choice is to look for a material that is durable and won't tear easily in the weather, and one that is easy to clean to keep it maintained for a long life. The more durable and weather- and moisture-resistant your canopy covering is, the longer it will last and look great.

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