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Ready For Rain? How To Identify The Need For Gutter Repairs

by Zack Gilbert

If you haven't inspected your gutters lately, you may have missed some warning signs. It's not enough to clean your gutters once a year. You also need to inspect your gutters for damage. When your gutters are damaged, they can't give your home the protection they need. Unfortunately, that means you might be at an increased risk for water damage. Before the rainy season arrives again, give your gutters a thorough inspection. If you see any of the signs described below, call for repairs right away. 

Moisture Damage

When you think of gutter damage, you probably think of the gutters themselves. But, there are other areas that will show the signs of gutter damage. Two of those areas are your roof and your eaves. In those areas, gutter damage will typically show itself through the presence of mold. If your gutters are clogged or not installed correctly, water can flow over the top. When that happens, your roof and eaves can suffer moisture damage. If you see mold growing on your eaves or along your roofline, have your gutters repaired as soon as possible. 

Gutter Separation

If your gutters haven't been inspected in a while, there could be some loose spots. Once your gutters are loose, they can't withstand the weight of the rainwater. Unfortunately, that means your gutters could buckle or separate during the next big rainstorm. If there are areas where your gutters have separated from the house or areas where the gutters are sloping, it's time for repairs. Those signs are an indication that your gutters are no longer securely attached to your home. 

Missing Pieces

When you look at your gutters, do you see missing pieces? If you do, it's time to call for repairs. Missing pieces can undermine the structural stability of your gutters. They can also increase your risk of water damage. It's not just the main gutter pieces you need to worry about. You also need to worry about the downspouts and the hardware. If the downspout is missing on your gutters or you've found gutter hardware on the ground, call for repairs as soon as possible. 

Gutter Leaks

Finally, if it hasn't rained in a while, you might not know if your gutters leak. Don't wait until a rainstorm to find out. Instead, use your garden hose to identify gutter leaks. Turn the hose on and let the water flow through your gutters for a few minutes. If you see leaks, even small ones, call your gutter contractor. They'll need to take care of the repairs before the next rainstorms hit.

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