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Own A Screened Pool Enclosure? How To Tell When Repairs Are Needed

by Zack Gilbert

If you have a screened pool enclosure, you need to pay close attention to it. Any type of damage can make the enclosure less safe and secure. Routine maintenance can help to extend the life of your screened pool enclosure. It's also important to take care of repairs in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many pool owners don't know how to identify problems that require repairs. Here are four signs that your screened pool enclosure needs to be repaired. 

The Material Is Damaged

If your screened pool enclosure has significant tears, you probably know to have it repaired. But, you might not realize that the small imperfections need to be repaired, as well. If you haven't inspected your pool enclosure in a while, take a close look at it. Pay close attention to the areas closest to the frames. If you can see small slices, holes, or snags, have those areas repaired right away. Without proper repairs, the damage could become much worse. 

The Spline Is Deteriorating

While you're inspecting your screened pool enclosure for damage, it's also important that you spend some time inspecting the spline, which is the small strip of rubber gasket material that holds the screen securely in the frame. Over time, the rubber gasket can rot and decay. Once that happens, the screen will no longer be held in place securely enough. If it looks like the spline is rotting on your screened-in pool enclosure, call for repairs right away. 

The Mesh Is Expanding

If you're noticing that bugs are getting into your pool enclosure, it's time to take a look at the mesh. When screened enclosures are brand-new, the mesh is tight enough to keep the bugs out. But, as the screens age, the mesh will expand. As it does, the spacing becomes wider, which allows bugs to get inside the enclosure. If the mesh is wearing out on your screens, it's time for repairs. 

The Screens Are Sagging

When you apply light pressure to your screened enclosure, the screens should hold tight. There might be a slight amount of give but not enough to make a big difference. If your screens don't seem to be as tight as they once were or you can see obvious signs of sagging, you need to have repairs taken care of as soon as possible. 

Don't take chances with your pool enclosure. If you see any signs of the problems listed above, call for repairs right away. 

To learn more, contact a pool screen repair company.