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Building A Tiny Home For Your Aging Parents? Why The Plans Should Include A Gas Fireplace

by Zack Gilbert

If you're building a tiny home for your aging parents, and you want to include a fireplace, make sure you choose the right type. You might think that a wood fireplace is the best option for your mother-in-law suite, but that might not be the case. Wood fireplaces do provide beauty and ambiance to any home. However, if you're building your tiny home for your aging parents, you'll want to think about their specific needs, which is where the gas fireplace comes into the picture. Here are just four of the many reasons a gas fireplace is the best option for your tiny home. 

No Heavy Wood to Lift

If your parents are getting older, they may not have the strength that they once had. If that's the case, they may no longer be able to lift things like heavy wood. Unfortunately, that means your parents may not be able to bring firewood into the house. If the firewood is stacked on the hearth, your parents may still have trouble placing the logs in the fireplace. That's where the gas fireplace comes into the picture. With a gas fireplace, your parents won't have to worry about the heavy lifting. That's because the gas log is built right into the fireplace. A simple turn of the switch will ignite their fire.

Reduces the Maintenance 

If you're worried about fireplace maintenance, choose a gas fireplace for your parents' mother-in-law suite. Wood fireplaces require quite a bit of maintenance, including the annual chimney cleaning. However, wood fireplaces also need to have the soot and ashes removed after each use. If your parents will have a difficult time keeping up with the fireplace maintenance, install a gas fireplace for them instead. Gas fireplaces don't create soot or ash, which means they don't require the routine maintenance that can be a problem for your aging parents. 

Prevents the Flying Embers

If your parents will be living alone in their tiny home, you need to take their safety into consideration, especially where the risk for house fires is concerned. Wood fireplaces can generate hot ash and embers. Unfortunately, the hot ash and embers can lead to house fires, especially if they're not handled properly or if they escape past the safety screen. Gas fireplaces don't generate the ash and embers, which means you won't need to worry about the increased fire risk. 

Provides Safe Space Heating

Finally, if you want to provide your parents with the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace while also providing them with a good heat source, install a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces can emit enough heat to warm a small room, which is perfect for the space inside a tiny home.