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5 Mattress Buying Considerations

by Zack Gilbert

Choosing a mattress is more about price. There are a few specifics one should keep in mind as they shop.

1. Support

The level and type of support you need depends in part on your sleeping style. Those that sleep on their backs typically require firmer support in order to keep the spine properly aligned in sleep. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may need a little less support in order to take the weight off pressure points like the hips and shoulders. 

2. Comfort

Comfort is separate from support. A soft mattress and a firm mattress are not necessarily exclusive. If you need firm support but a soft surface, look at firm mattresses with a pillowtop layer. The key is trying out several different types of mattresses to determine the best mix of comfort and support to fit your specific needs. 

3. Size

Don't just look at the width when determining what size to get, as length can be an important part of sleep comfort as well. For example, if a mattress is too short for you, then you may not be able to stretch out comfortably while asleep. This can lead to back pain. If you aren't sure what size to get, opt for a queen mattress. This size can typically sleep two people comfortably. A standard queen is also longer than a full-size mattress, which means one won't end up sleeping with their feet hanging off the bed. 

4. Material

When it comes to mattress materials, there are many to choose from. Standard innerspring mattresses typically provide the most support, while memory foam or latex mattresses can provide optimum comfort since they conform to the shape of your body. If you are looking for a combination of good support but body-conforming comfort, then look to hybrid mattresses. These have an innerspring core with a foam or latex covering. There are also cool mattresses, which have a layer that is designed to help keep you cool as you sleep.

5. Adjustability

If comfort in bed is difficult, the answer may be an adjustable mattress. These mattresses are typically only available in foam or latex varieties. They are used in conjunction with an adjustable bed frame. You can lift the head and feet as desired for comfort, and you may even be able to adjust the mattress firmness. There are even split options so that two people can adjust their side of the bed to their liking. 

Contact a mattress dealer to learn more about available options like queen mattresses.